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Three Skills Teens Can Develop to Have a Healthy Relationship with Technology

How shifting our way of thinking and speaking about our technology consumption can help empower our kids and teens to make smart choices

by Amir Levine, PhD, LCSW-R

The Parenting Dilemma

Studies have shown that teens spend between 7-9 hours daily online and parents often may have limited and at times no knowledge of how they are spending their time online.

As a parent to a teen and a pre-teen, I have found myself often preoccupied with fear over what their young brains are exposed to and digesting, and struggling Read More

Understanding Your Window of Tolerance

The “Window of Tolerance” concept has consistently gained more traction in the world of psychotherapy, self-healing and self-transformation since it was first conceived and published by Dr. Daniel Siegal’s 1999 book, “The Developing Mind”. 

What is the Window of Tolerance?

Window of tolerance refers to the optimal level of arousal in which an individual can function most effectively. It does not mean, however, that such a person is without stress or emotional undulations.  

In fact the window of tolerance takes to heart that many people experience a range of intensities Read More

Teaching Vulnerability in Clinical Supervision

Practical Approaches to Acknowledging Your Vulnerability
by Amir Levine, PhD, LCSW-R

Vulnerability as a Path

A newer clinician I supervise recently asked me, “What do you believe is the most important quality a therapist should have?” Reflexively, I answered, “Access to our vulnerability.” 

In all my years of supervising clinicians and observing my own process, I have found that our ability to tap into and move from our vulnerability is the keystone of an effective and powerful therapeutic relationship and paves the path for our clients to do the same Read More



How do you feel about aging? What does it bring up for you?

This month marks my 49th birthday and so naturally the topic of aging is upfront and center in my brain. While traveling this road to 49, I’ve had waves of different feelings and beliefs flow through me – some more productive than others.  

In sharing my reflections with you I hope to invite you to think differently about aging and to challenge some reflexive beliefs you may hold that are otherwise out of your regular awareness Read More