how to get the best results from therapy

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Our Services

Bhava therapists are authentic and compassionate and embody a diversity of training and unique perspectives to better help you thrive. We carefully assess your individual needs and develop a treatment plan that provides integrative, holistic and practical methods of psychotherapy designed specifically for you.

individual therapy

Individual and
Couples Therapy

We can help children and teens, young adults, adults and the aging population through providing individual psychotherapy, child play therapy, and couples counseling. We can meet you via teletherapy or in-person in either one of our two New York City based offices.

continuing education

Continuing Education
Online Classes

Refresh yourself and your clinical practice with innovative, insightful and enriching continuing education classes. Online self-paced and live virtual classes are available for you.
support groups
support groups

Support Groups &

Live Online Support Groups and Workshops are a great way to garner support, learn, grow, feel connected, and find your footing again. Groups are led in a coaching format and are therefore accessible nationwide. We are honored to support you on your path.

Our Bhava

The Bhava Method is an eclectic approach to healing and growth that is grounded in the deep appreciation and respect for both the distinct individuality of each client and the unique dynamic co-created by each client and their therapist and may differ from client to client depending on the nature of the client’s treatment goals, developmental and trauma history, culture, and personality style. Our approach is based on the following principles:

bhava approach

That we exist and come to know ourselves through the relationships we have to others and our world

That each human is an embodied, unique, holistic, and complex being
The process of change, no matter how small, is ever present and always occurring

What Our Clients Are Saying

I am so incredibly grateful to you for your work and for supporting people like me. I’m continuing to grow and challenge myself, and I have so much more self awareness and ways coping and thinking because of that work together 


What Our Clients Are Saying

Throughout my life I have seen other therapists, and some very “high-profile” ones that were not very helpful at all. I was feeling very discouraged to try therapy again and only did so at the encouragement from a loved one. From the initial call through meeting and beginning my therapy I felt genuinely cared for, seen and thoroughly supported as a whole human being. Bhava restored my faith in how worthwhile therapy could be. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

If it weren’t for the support and insight from my therapist, I shudder to think where I would be now. My therapist truly gets me and offers practical and honest feedback with no judgment that has been truly priceless and pivotal for my growth. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

The relationship with my Bhava therapist is one I am most grateful for. The work isn’t always easy, but I always feel so much better after our sessions and always one step closer to reaching my fullest potential. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

Before starting with my therapist at Bhava, I was also skeptical about therapy. I have learned so much about the process of therapy, I have learned to question my thoughts about my life and others in a way that has healed and strengthened my relationship not only with others, but most importantly with myself. Thank you Bhava for the amazing work you do! 


What Our Clients Are Saying

I didn’t know how much of my unprocessed trauma was holding me back from living my best life before I started therapy at Bhava. I continue to be amazed at what I learn about myself and what I am able to handle now, through this work, that I wasn’t able to do before. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

I am convinced that my Bhava therapist is an angel and that this team is a team of angels doing beautiful, powerful work! Thank you! 


What Our Clients Are Saying

It is apparent that Bhava is the real deal. That they deeply care and are committed to the health and well being of both their clients and for their team. That is rare and wonderful! 


Our Bhava

Bhava therapists are authentic and compassionate and embody a diversity of backgrounds, training and unique perspectives to better help you thrive. Bhava Therapy Group was founded upon the belief that it is possible to create a healthy, safe and nurturing mental health work environment for our team and in doing so, fulfill the desire and drive to serve and support as many people as possible on their individual journeys of healing and self-growth. We take good care of our team, so our team can take good care of you!

We thoughtfully connect you with a therapist who can best meet your needs

Our core team values include: compassion, authenticity, integrity, openness, flexibility, commitment, service and reliability, diversity and inclusivity, professional growth & development and intentional wholehearted presence.
Self-care is not just a concept, it’s a verb, an action and an intentional way of life

Our Blog

Discover tips, insights and answers to your top questions. Explore topics and areas of challenge in life with a new, fresh perspective. The information we take in can nourish our heart, mind and soul. Our blog posts and YouTube segments are designed to offer you effective, real-world guidance for your path in life.

how to get the best results from therapy

Download Our Free E-Book

“How to Get the Best Results From Therapy”

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