An organization is only as healthy as the people of which the organization is built by and with
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What is Organizational Wellness?

An organization is only as healthy as the people upon which the organization is built. Whether an organization’s purpose is product driven, to be a service provider or is mission driven, the most vital asset for the organization’s success is the clarity and vitality of their human workforce.

People working for organizations are increasingly called upon to skillfully manage the stresses, strains and interpersonal demands inherent in keeping up in a dynamic and global economy. Strain, stress and interpersonal demands experienced by employees impact their ability and motivation to perform their best in their job function. Simply put, the health and well-being of the employees undeniably influences the level of satisfaction of the customers and clients it serves.

We believe that Organizational Wellness is measured by the ability of an organization to attend to the emotional, psychological and interpersonal needs of the human beings it employs. Creating a work environment which promotes the development of relationship building skills, sensitivity to the emotional and psychological needs of its employees and enhancement of teamwork is essential to the growth of any organization. Additionally, we believe that the ability of an organization to help its employees find meaning, purpose and satisfaction within their job function is a significant factor in determining its overall wellness and success.

Tips for workplace wellness

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