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Parenting Issues

A “Family” can take many different forms, and it can be where we start to look to discover our own true nature.

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What are Parenting Issues?

Family is defined as a group of two or more people who are related to each other either by sharing a common ancestry or bloodline, a common household, through the adoption process or through sharing a set of convictions or affiliation. Whatever the unifying factor may be, families are the cornerstone of society and the single most important context for shaping a person’s sense of self and how to manage relationships with others.

Despite the common bonding force, when people are grouped together, conflict, disconnect, disharmony and dysfunction can occur. Families are impacted by many internal and external factors such as the individual family members’ needs, the demands of work and school, managing finances and social groups,health issues, extended family and friends. Additionally, each family has its unique set of expected roles for each family member and set of family rules both spoken and unspoken that govern communication, emotional expression and coping mechanisms all of which can be either adaptive and functional or maladaptive and dysfunctional.

Parenting can be both simultaneously rewarding and challenging. Witnessing and supporting our children’s growth and development on the journey from infancy through adulthood can be one of the most satisfying, awe inspiring and wondrous experiences of life. Yet bumps along the way are inevitable. Whether parenting a newborn, a 4-10 year old or an adolescent, the challenges that parents face today are countless and can often distract or truly obstruct a parent from experiencing such satisfaction on this journey.

No matter how many parenting books, tips or experts that may exist today, the truth is there is no singular “right” way to be a parent. Understanding who your child is as an individual, who you are as a parent, what the dynamic is between parent(s) and child(ren), what you value as a parent, and what you struggle with and need help with most, is a necessity in planning a treatment strategy that serves you and your child(ren) the best. We work individually with parents and offer parenting workshops, support groups throughout the year aimed to help manage the challenges and restore the joy in parenting

At BHAVA Therapy Center, we believe that for a family to thrive it is vital that each family member’s needs, strengths, limitations and voice be both acknowledged and supported. We also understand this is not an easy task to achieve. We strive to understand where each unique family is stuck and struggling and work to clarify the issues and expand upon a family’s strengths so they can mend the hurts and dysfunction and find a way to function as a unified, healthy system.

How to navigate boundaries

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