Participating in a focused workshop or group therapy can be a powerful experience and positive way to work more deeply on a specific issue or gather more information before beginning your therapeutic work. Check this page for information on upcoming workshops and groups offered.


Managing Pandemic-Induced Fear, Anxiety & Doubt:

Have you been feeling an increase in fearful thoughts and anxiety? Noticing a general sense of unease or doubt? Or simply feeling like you want to numb out and check out? The Pandemic that we are enduring is affecting most everyone in a variety of ways. This group provides a safe and nonjudgmental space where you can share and process your experiences while learning new tools and skills for how to cope with and manage your feelings.

This weekly group meets online for an hour at a time.

  • For Adults age 18 and up
  • Extended group meetings through the winter season

Call today to learn more! 646-389-5801

Fee for this is $40 per session

Alyssa Kushner, LMSW will be leading this Adult Support Group. Alyssa has extensive experience in working with anxiety disorders and is well-versed in group work with both teens and adults. Please see our “Meet the Team” page to learn more about Alyssa.

High School Anxiety & Mindfulness Group:

Even before the pandemic, anxiety in teens was on the rise. And now its inching through the roof. Learning ways to talk about, process and tools to cope with anxiety now in their teen years, will help your teen immeasurably throughout their lifetime. The Anxiety and Mindfulness Support Group for High Schoolers will meet for 8 weeks online.

  • For Teens age 13-17
  • Begins Tuesday, December 8th, 6:30-7:45pm

Fee for this group $45 per session

Amanda Sacks, LMSW and RYT will be leading the Teen Support Group. Amanda brings her experience as a registered yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner to her work with her clients and is highly skilled at supporting teens in their growth. Please learn more about Amanda on our “Meet the Team” page.

All groups will be held Online via a confidential host. For inquiries about the timing of a group and how to join a group, please call BHAVA Therapy Group directly at 646-389-5801 or email at

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