Ericka Tejada, New Client Coordinator

Ericka Tejada

New Client Coordinator
Hey there, I’m Ericka! I’m a student from Washington Heights, currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling at NYU. Mental health is my bread and butter, and I’ve always held the notion that the mind is physical. I strongly believe in advocating for mental health and holding it to the same pedestal as physical health, as the mind and body are connected and can only work in tandem with each other!
Most recently, I spent some time volunteering for Crisis Text Line as a Crisis Counselor, working through crises with varying demographics by instilling safety intervention tools and ensuring that the person I’m talking to can get access to the long term services they need. 
Coming from a diverse background, I carry my Dominican heritage and life experiences with me into all of the work I do, using empathy as my main informant for all the people I connect with daily and desire to help. I cherish every interaction I have, and am privileged to have so many people willing to be so vulnerable with me. That being said, I can’t wait to connect with you.

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