Our professional therapists are authentic and compassionate and embody a diversity of training and perspectives to better help you. We do not believe in or apply a one-size-fits-all approach to psychotherapy. 

Bhava Therapy Group’s team of therapists are licensed and skilled to help people at various stages across the lifespan. We can help children and teens, young adults, adults and the aging population through providing individual psychotherapy, child play therapy, and couples and family counseling. 


We provide psychotherapy that is integrative, holistic and practical in its approach. Our licensed therapists are here to meet you and provide you with grounded support to help you on your journey towards healing and growth. There are a number of different areas in life and issues we can help treat. See the sidebar to learn more about each issue and area of life we can help you with.


We understand what a huge step it can be to start therapy and that is why we put a lot of thought, time and effort into finding the right Bhava therapist to fit your needs. Once we receive your inquiry for seeking therapy, our new client coordinator will reach out to schedule a brief phone call with you to learn more about what you’re looking for from therapy and so you can determine together if Bhava is the best fit for your therapeutic needs and next steps to follow.

Following this initial call, our new client coordinator will connect with our therapists to work on arranging an initial consultation session with a Bhava Therapist. Our new client coordinator will reach back out to you to confirm this initial consultation session and forward necessary paperwork for you to complete no later than 48 hours prior to this initial consultation with a Bhava Therapist. This process can take anywhere between 3-5 business days.