Our professional therapists are compassionate and practical and embody a diversity of training and perspectives to better help you. We provide individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy and group therapy in the following areas:

Individual Psychotherapy/Therapy is the confidential process of meeting one-on-one with a therapist usually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to to explore feelings, beliefs and behaviors in order to work through challenging feelings and/or memories and also to identify areas in life in which you would like to make a change or learn how to better manage.

Couples Therapy/Couples Counseling is the process when two people in a relationship meet together with a therapist in order to work on resolving conflict, develop and practice healthy and productive ways of communicating and work on either strengthening their relationship or find a way to dissolve the relationship with the least amount of hurt and pain.

Family Therapy/Family Counseling is when two or more family members meet together with a therapist in order to clarify the dynamics of family, resolve conflict. increase understanding and respect of the differences among family members and develop and practice healthy and productive ways of communicating.

Group Therapy is when three or more people meet with a therapist in order to address a similar issue or struggle. Group therapy offers a safe, confidential and supportive forum for sharing and expressing feelings usually around a similar topic (for example, an anxiety group, a parenting support group) and find guidance and learn new tools for addressing the issue.

If you are unable to make it into the office for various reasons – illness, work or travel – we provide E-Therapy via phone or internet such as Skype as an alternative. Candidates for this service are welcome to contact us to learn more.

We also have therapists who are fluent in Spanish and Hebrew and can offer therapeutic services in these languages.

*Anxiety and other group therapies starting now!  Call 646-389-5801 for more info