Shauna Folts

Shauna Folts, LMSW

Clinical Psychotherapist
Hi, I’m Shauna and I’m a Licensed Masters Social Worker and trained Psychoanalytic therapist based in Manhattan.

My approach to therapy is flexible and integrates a psychodynamic framework, bringing an awareness of how the past informs the present. I implement mind-body connection awareness, as well as cognitive and behavior modalities to create a holistic experience and approach to the creative expression of the human condition.

I celebrate the therapeutic space, where I believe authentic expression can be shared, seen, and held in order to find truth. When working with diverse populations, I maintain a curiosity, a search and endeavor for meaning and understanding of the client’s experience. I value the client-therapist relationship and invite the energetic collaboration of finding the treasure within. I prioritize creating a self-exploratory environment where the client can discover who they fundamentally desire to be – through love, self-compassion, confidence, self-esteem, and authenticity.

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