Jesse Quiles

Jesse Quiles, LMSW

Clinical Psychotherapist
Hi! I’m Jesse Quiles, a Licensed Master of Social Work from New York. I received my
BSW from Lehman College in the Bronx and obtained my MSW from New York University. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds struggling with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, and trauma.

In dealing with issues like anxiety and depression, I believe the first step is always to slow down and to notice what is going on. Depression and anxiety can make this process very difficult but by offering a safe, non-judgmental, and open space my clients can safely and comfortably unpack their thoughts and feelings regarding themselves, their relationships, background, and family life.

I believe therapy does not need to be an uncomfortable process. It is not a place to feel judged or as if you are on trial. I like to remind my clients to be themselves and to embrace who they are in our sessions so that they can get the most out of our work together. I believe comfort and trust are the two biggest components of therapy and I always strive to maintain that in every Session.

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