Irina Gubenko, MFT-LP, she/her/hers

Irina Gubenko, MFT-LP

Clinical Psychotherapist

I am an Individual and Couple Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, and Intimacy Counselor. I hold a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and Master of Science in Education as well as certifications in Yoga and Mindfulness. I have 20+ years of experience serving families and children in New York City as an educator and a social emotional counselor. My background is also in facilitating women’s groups with an emphasis on emotional healing and overcoming trauma to foster a greater satisfaction in life.


Whether you are looking to relieve emotional suffering, have joy in your relationships, rekindle sexual desire with your partner, or to improve overall satisfaction in your daily life, my holistic and individualized approach to therapy can help you cultivate and sustain the change you are seeking. I specialize in the EFT approach to therapy, helping individuals and couples who are struggling with communication challenges, sexual concerns, healing or recovering from infidelity, creating emotional connection, cultivating long-lasting intimacy, keeping relationships, or moving past recurring unhealthy relationship patterns.


I invite my clients to expand their view of self and others, to understand their own needs and desires, and to overcome fears, traumas, and past hurts that prevent them from moving forward in life or blocking them from surrendering to the beauty of life and possibility of what can be.

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