Five Emotional Drivers of Political Beliefs

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The Anxiety of Parenting

Motherhood is not so colorful...Look around you, do you see us? We’re not hard to notice. We are the current crop of modern day parents doing our best to care for our children while tending to the sometimes overflowing spring of anxiety stirring beneath the surface. (Full disclosure here…as a working mom of two school-aged children, I count myself as one of them.)

For some parents the anxiety seeps out of their pores and is tangible in their aura, for others it’s a little better concealed but nonetheless just as potent and jarring. (Personally … Read More

What IS Love and What is it TO Love?

By Amir Levine, PhD, LCSW and Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R

word love at sunsetExploring what love is, is no light task. Just look at the multitude of songs, poems, stories, paintings and sculptures that have been created throughout history on the basis of this magical four letter word. Innumerable gestures of honoring love and the countless attempts to understand love’s phenomenology including love’s joy as well as love’s pain has given life to a wealth of artistic masterpieces and gems. Yet despite these timeless musings, reflections and creations, people continue to wrestle with understanding … Read More

FALL – The Perfect Time to Flourish

by Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R

Fall has long been my most favorite season. Something about the crisp air and rustling BHAVA Therapy GroupRiverdale, Manhattanleaves mingled with the “back-to-school” associations of yore, fall for me conjures up feelings of recharge, renewal and a refreshed drive for self-realization and growth.

Nestled between the sun-splashed languid days of summer and the looming weight of the cold winter, fall is a magical season that is rife with unbelievable activity and change.  Fall beckons you to take stock of all that’s going on both around you in your external … Read More

A Must for Back to School – Increasing our Children’s Emotional IQ

by Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R

As we’ve all been busy prepping our kids for going back to school, buying book NYC Therapy Group, New York, Riverdale, Manhattanbags, notebooks and the like, we must not forget the most important preparation of all which doesn’t cost us a dime yet is priceless – teaching our children emotional awareness of and sensitivity towards their feelings and the feelings of others – or increasing their emotional IQ for short.

Educating our children about the range of feelings they can feel, teaching them how to name feelings they or others are having … Read More