Pamela LePore

Pamela LePore, LCSW

Clinical Psychotherapist
Hello! I’m Pam Lepore, a Licensed Master of Social Work from NYC. I offer psychotherapy to a diverse clientele of all ages and work with couples, groups and families, as well. I have worked with several community mental health clinics as well as in substance misuse treatment programs, in youth counseling, and conducted creative arts workshops for supportive housing residents. In my earlier career I worked as a newspaper writer and reporter.

I believe that therapy is one of those rare things in modern life that invites us to slow down, allowing our inner selves to unwind and emerge towards a happier life. My work is based mostly within the therapeutic modalities of psychodynamic and person-centered traditions. I infuse this with interdisciplinary methods including work with story, images, myths and fairytales as well as somatic approaches and methods of trauma informed care.

For me the journey of self exploration towards empowerment is satisfying, frustrating, exciting and everything in between. There are many fine points to how healing happens but is said to happen only in relation to another and this is what I thrive on as a therapist.

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