Kat Berko

Katherine Berko, LMSW

Clinical Psychotherapist
Hello, I’m Katherine, and I received my MSW from NYU and studied Psychology at Duke. I’ve received postgraduate psychoanalytic training at New York Counseling and Guidance Service (NYCGS), along with couples training in the Tavistock method, Emotion-focused therapy (EFT), and art therapy. I work with adults and couples. My patients are diverse regarding race, culture, and sexual orientation.

As your therapist I’ll help you access your inner world so you live with more awareness, intention, meaning, and wonder. I’ll listen a lot for what’s unsaid. I’ll help you uncover within yourself the truest, most authentic questions and answers. In session you’ll bring whatever’s on your mind and we’ll attend to it. Nothing is too insignificant. This is deep, long-term work about deep, long-term change.

Patients find it helpful to explore their childhoods, “random” memories that bubble up, dreams, feelings, fears, wishes, you-name-it. All is welcome. Our aim is to bring some of the unconscious into consciousness so you’re aware of how and why you’ve been getting in your own way. With couples I’ll help you listen better and break deeply entrenched patterns, sometimes employing art therapy. Everyone yearns to be seen and heard by their partner, and I’ll guide you there.

My identity as a writer inspires me to help each of my patients take hold of their narrative, understanding where they’ve come from and where they’d like to go. To live, as the poet Mary Oliver wrote, your “one wild and precious life.”

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