Support Groups & Workshops

Participating in a Support Group or focused Workshop can be a powerful experience and practical way to work more deeply on a specific challenge. Our Support Groups and Workshops are safe and non-judgmental virtual spaces to explore your feelings and/or learn useful tools. Support Groups require a weekly commitment in order to enrich the experience for your own self-development as well as enhance the connection you create and receive from group members.


High School Stress-Reduction & Mindfulness Group:

Even before the pandemic, stress in teens was on the rise. And now its inching through the roof. Learning ways to talk about, process and tools to cope with stress now in their teen years, will help your teen immeasurably throughout their lifetime. The Stress-Reduction & Mindfulness Support Group for High Schoolers will meet for 10 weeks online with the option to continue.

  • For: High School Teens
  • Date/Time: Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:15pm ET (4:00pm-5:15pm PT) 

This weekly group meets online for an hour and fifteen minutes at a time.

Fee for this group is $60 per session/ $600 in total for the 10 week commitment. 

Amanda Sacks, LMSW and RYT will be leading the Teen Support Group. 

Support Circle:

In a world where our voices are often diminished, the Support Circle is a judgment-free space to speak your truth and genuinely be heard. Group participants show up as they are, expressing their needs and feelings in a setting of emotional intimacy. Support Circle participants listen within and explore desires, needs and patterns while in community. This group is open to adults of all ages and individuals of all experiences.

This group meets weekly online for an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • For: Adults age 21 and up
  • Group meets on Wednesdays from 12:00pm-1:15pm ET (9am-10:15am PT)

Fee for this group is $60 per session/ $480 in total for the 8 week commitment.

Pam LePore, LMSW, will be leading the Support Circle. 

Wise Women’s Group:

The unique strengths of women over 50 are too often overlooked. In the Wise Women’s Group, you are invited to explore your distinctive experiences as your life transitions. Group is a safe space where your feelings are acknowledged and honored, to explore topics such as living alone, shifting relationships with adult children or aging parents. Join this group of thoughtful, mature women where you can express yourself and claim the confidence and grace that are gifts at this stage of life

This group meets weekly online for an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • For: Women Ages 50+
  • Date/Time: Wednesday 3:00pm – 4:10pm ET (12:00pm-1:10pm PT)

Fee for this group is $60 per session/ $480 in total for the 8 week commitment.

Emily Shapiro, MS, LMFT, will be leading the Wise Women’s Support Group. 

How To Survive & Thrive in College:

Navigating back to school transitions as a college student can be difficult, whether entering college for your freshman year, transferring schools, or reacclimating after summer break. Join this group to have a safe place to explore feelings, receive peer support, and develop the tools and skills to thrive in your college years. This group will also cover other college-related issues like time management, anxiety, stress management, burn out prevention, perfectionism, coping with overwhelm, and managing relationship difficulties.

  • For: High School Graduates & College Students
  • Date/Time: Monday’s 3:45pm-5pm ET (12:45pm-2pm PT)

Fee for this group is $60 per session/ $360 in total for the 6 week commitment.

Elizabeth Joseph, MHC-LP, NCC, will be leading the “How to Survive & Thrive in College” group.


All groups will be held Online via a confidential host. For inquiries about the timing of a group and how to join a group, please call BHAVA Therapy Group directly at 646-389-5801 or email at


We request payment in full before the start of your Support Group however are able to design individual payment plans as needed. 

Group Facilitators

Amanda brings her experience as a registered yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner to her work with her clients and is highly skilled at supporting teens in their growth. Please learn more about Amanda on our “Meet the Team” page.

Pam has extensive experience with leading groups, where she creates an open space for participants to explore feelings and desires. Pam shares, “Group allows us the opportunity to practice being one’s self with others. In my experience, a support group is a uniquely transcendent place.”

She shares, “Our life experience, self-awareness, and cognitive maturity offer us the strength we need to manage the unique challenges of women over fifty.” Her approach to groups is warm and collaborative. Emily listens intuitively and respects each group members’ expertise on their own experiences.

Elizabeth has experience leading groups with young adults through older adults. She loves witnessing the growth and transformation within group members and the sense of community and support that groups can create. She aims to create a warm, compassionate, and supportive group environment.


Chronic Pain and Long Term Covid Group

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