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The Real Deal About Resolutions: 3 Reasons Why Resolutions Fade and Smart Steps to Helping Them Last

by Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R

Here we are again at this juncture in time – the start of a brand new year. And what this time usually brings with it is the pressure to create a resolution or two or more for how we will be different, better or a more improved version of ourselves in the New Year.  So we may hear or make declarations such as, “I’m done with cigarettes…I will go to the gym every day before work…I promise not to be so judgmental…I will volunteer at the … Read More

SELF-CARE, Important Considerations and What You Can Do Now to Make a CHANGE!

by Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R
Self Care
Everybody does it to some extent, yet a vast majority of people continue to struggle with it.
 And when you’re doing well with it, you may find yourself buoyant, glowing and more satisfied. Yet when it is lacking you may feel ragged, edgy or dour.

The it we are referring to here is that softly spoken and yet seemingly under-valued practice of SELF-CARE and so we decided to devote our summer newsletter to exploring SELF-CAREwhy it can seem so elusive and suggest steps … Read More

SLEEP and Your Mental Health

by Veronica Vaiti, LCSW-R

tired, sleep deprived womanDo you get enough sleep? Do you wake up feeling refreshed and happy or groggy and grumpy? Have you had to miss work or school or a fun life event because you barely slept the night before?

Sleep Deprivation is named as one of the top public health epidemics by the Centers for Disease Control, and sleep deprivation can have devastating effects across all aspects of our lives including physical health, mental health, daily functioning (think driving a car or paying bills), work and school performance, … Read More