The Nurturing Environment Model Handbook

The Nurturing Environment Model Handbook

by Dr. Amir Levine 

The Nurturing Environment Model (NEM), presented in this handbook, holds that older age provides a unique opportunity for self discovery, awareness, and growth not seen in any other age group. The growth can be multidimensional and rich in its focus, developing clarity on the past, present, and future. The NEM method incorporates a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including Cognitive, Behavioral, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Positive Psychology, Postmodern Psychology, Systems Theory, and Psychodynamic modalities. Similar to Donald Winnicott’s emphasis on providing a Holding Environment to nurture and support a child’s growth, the NEM model emphasizes the importance of providing a Nurturing Environment to support the older adult client’s strengths, capabilities, and continued growth.

About Amir Levine, Ph.D., LCSW-R

Clinical Director, Director of Continuing Education


Amir Levine is a NY State Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of NYC Therapy Group. Dr. Levine also served for over a decade as the Director of Behavioral Scientist at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Department of Family Medicine where he directed the behavioral medicine curriculum.

As Clinical Director of our team therapists, Dr. Levine serves as a devoted mentor, educator, mental health provider and an innovator in organizational development. Dr. Levine has presented at numerous national conferences about issues related to clinical psycho-therapeutic curriculum development, organizational development and direct patient care.

Deeply passionate about his clinical work with his clients and staff, Dr. Levine has the innate gift to hone in on the issues people with whom he serves struggle with and the ability to work collaboratively towards finding creative and productive solutions. Dr. Levine completed his Ph.D. degree in Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University.