BHAVA Therapy Group, Riverdale, NY

The human lifecycle is one stream of continual transition and change. First we transition from the womb to the world, then from infancy to early childhood, childhood to adolescence, then adulthood to late adulthood and ultimately to death. Although at certain points the change seems more dramatic and evident (think infancy through childhood) than at other times, its more subtle but nevertheless just as profound (adolescence to adulthood), the one constant in life truly is change.

There are different types of change and transition we experience during our lifetimes. There is built in developmental change and situational, environmental change. Change is an ever present part of life and whether brought upon willingly or unwillingly, change can be stressful and taxing on the human system.

Finding the best support and guidance for you as well as accumulating a set of tools and wisdom, helps to manage the stress that comes along with any life transition or change. If you are currently in the midst of a life transition or seeking help preparing to make a change, therapists at BHAVA Therapy Center are skilled professionals who can offer assistance and support during this time.